The Best Shampoo for Men’s Hair Loss: How to Make the Right Choice

Best Hair Loss Shampoo For Men

These days hair loss has become one of the most common problems faced by men. However, the real reason behind hair fall can vary from lack of proper care to underlying health issues.

It is an undeniable fact that hair contributes to the personality and appearance of a man. If they face this problem in their younger days, it will also impact their self-esteem and confidence.

When it comes to treating hair loss problems, one of the most popular choices is hair fall shampoos.

Take a glance at today’s cosmetic industry and you will be perplexed by the wide varieties of shampoos that are available.

Not all shampoos perform as well as they claim in their dazzling ads, and worst of all, if you pick a shampoo that you are allergic to, you will end up with more problems.

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What causes hair loss in men?

Unlike most people believe, hair loss doesn’t have any single cause. Instead, sometimes one of two causes collectively contributes to male hair loss.

Here are some of the most commonly known causes of hair loss.

  • Working under stressful condition
  • Living an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Certain diseases such as autoimmune disorders
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Ageing
  • Improper hair care
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Specific medical treatment such as chemotherapy 
work under stressful condition
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Natural products that stimulate better hair growth

Although there are a few medical treatment options such as Finasteride and Minoxidil that are commonly used to reverse hair loss in men, you might want to start with natural remedies. Especially, if your hair loss problems are considered reversible (owing to stress, lifestyle, environmental conditions, etc) by medical experts. 

Here are some ingredients that when combined within a shampoo may give beneficial results:


Various studies have indicated that caffeine helps increase cell energy in the hair follicles by working against a protein known as phosphodiesterase. This compound present in coffee can reverse the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for balding.
A 2007 study has shown tangible evidence that caffeine can be successfully used for hair loss treatment.


This natural compound is extracted from the argan tree’s fruit and is known to contain very powerful antioxidants. Vitamin E is abundantly present in this compound and helps to heal the damaged scalp.

Saw palmetto

Native Americans have widely used this herb for its various healing properties. 

This herb has the power to block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, thereby cutting down hair loss.

Shampoos infused with natural ingredients like these can help in combating hair fall problems in men. 

Saw palmetto

Medicated shampoos

Unlike ordinary shampoos that you find in the market, medicated shampoos contain drugs such as Minoxidil, Finasteride etc., to treat various skin conditions. 

It may be noted here that both Minoxidil and Fiansteride are approved by FDA for hair loss treatment in men.

These compounds help reduce the DHT effect on hair follicles, helping the hair grow thicker and shinier.

While finasteride helps to block DHT, minoxidil helps to 

  • Stimulate hair follicles
  • Improve the blood flow around the scalp area
  • Grow stronger hair
  • Improve the hair growth cycle

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shampoos and other hair care

Conditioners that help hair regrowth in men

Using a good hair conditioner along with regrowth shampoo can help to bring quicker results.

Hair conditioners with niacinamide(a specific form of vitamin B3)help repair damaged DNA, restore hair growth, and heal the damaging effect of UV rays.


Which is the best shampoo for hair loss in men?

In simple words, the best shampoo is the one that suits your skin type and helps your hair to grow thicker and stronger.

Your shampoo should have the products mentioned above to be effective. 

The following hair care products and treatment plans from Andsons Singapore might help you make a choice that fits your requirements. 

  • Shampoo 5% – Saw Palmetto, Caffeine, Argan
  • Conditioner 2% – Niacinamide
  • Hair Loss Non-Prescription Kit (Shampoo + Conditioner + Minoxidil 5%)

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