Delay(PE) Spray for Men: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

pe spray

experiencing performance anxiety can also use this spray to empower their sexual confidence and performance by delaying the climax. 

How to Use Delay(PE) Spray for Men?

1: Use the best spray to last longer

Be sure to shake the bottle before you apply the premature ejaculation spray. Then, grab the nozzle with which it needs to be applied. It should be close to your penis but avoid touching it. Now, push the mechanism of the spray to let the spray spurt out of it. This is the general means of applying the spray on yourself. However, we highly recommend reading the label of the spray bottle carefully before use for more precise instructions. 

2: Wait for the best delay spray for men to work

During this time, you need to wait for the best delay spray to work. It only takes about 10 minutes.

3: Look for any erection spray side effects 

Generally, if you are using PE spray as per the medical professional’s recommendations, you are less likely to face any side effects. But in case you do, remember to consult them immediately. They will provide relief on time. 

Once the ‘numbing sensation’ is gone, you know you are ready. 

Delay(PE) Spray Benefits

1. PE spray helps with the treatment of premature ejaculation

2. The delay spray can help create longer time for sexual pleasure 

3. A male delay spray can successfully desensitise the penis so that the premature ejaculation can be delayed. This automatically reduces performance anxiety among men using male delay spray and improves sexual experience for both the parties in action.

4. Helps stimulate better sexual satisfaction for your partner

What are the Side Effects of Delay(PE) Spray?

1. Temporary loss of sensitivity which can be relieved after consulting a medical professional and telling them about your symptoms.

2. Numbness after the application of spray for PE. But this is fairly short-lived and generally fades away right after the spray has dried.

3. Skin irritation after applying a premature ejaculation spray, But again, this is very short-lived and only lasts a few seconds before you start enjoying the pleasure of the spray. 

Where to Buy Delay(PE) Spray for Men?

andSons offers PE sprays formulated with 5% lidocaine. It can help decrease the sensitivity to help men last longer in bed.


Research claims that nearly 45% of men finish within 2 minutes of having sex. In fact, a large section of these men even end up within 55 seconds. This could be alarming for so many of you who may be experiencing it right now. But do not worry. 

Premature ejaculation is normal. It is also quite common today and with effective treatment you can find relief just in time. Until then, leverage the benefits of a delay spray for help. 

FAQs Related to Delay(PE) Spray

1. How long does it take the delay spray to work?

It takes about 10 minutes to work and the effects of a delay spray can last from one to two hours. After its application, you are likely to feel numbness when it lasts. Once the action starts to fade away, the reduction of sensitivity is gone too. 

2. Can I use delay spray daily? 

Yes, you can. However, it is best to do this under the guidance of a medical professional to stay on the safe side.

3. Is the PE spray effective? 

Yes, it is very effective if you apply it as per the instructions. 

4. Is it safe to use delay spray? 

Yes, it is safe to use. But again, we would recommend speaking to a medical professional before you start using it to understand the dosage and to know how to use it responsibly.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Book a consultation with andSons medical team to learn more about reproductive healthcare treatments here.

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