Skincare for Men: FAQs About Men’s Skincare

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The start of your skincare journey can be overwhelming. There’s plenty of information to process – which ingredients are good for you? What’s your skin type? How do you know which one to pick?

In this article, we answer questions men have frequently asked us about skincare. We discuss everything from why toothpaste doesn’t help treat acne, why using body soap isn’t effective for the face, and how to build a fuss-free routine.

1. Is it normal to have acne breakouts as an adult? I’ve had clear skin all my life.

Yes, it’s pretty normal for adults to get acne because your hormones still fluctuate. Men secrete much more oil because they produce more testosterone which increases sebum production. This along with clogged hair follicles can lead to bacteria breeding on your skin resulting in inflammation and subsequently acne breakouts. Other factors that can cause hormone fluctuations include age, genetics, stress, sexual intercourse, and even exercise.

2. My skin looks dull. How do I fix it?

Dull skin is mainly the build-up of dead and dehydrated skin cells. Frequent and diligent exfoliation with products containing active ingredients like tretinoin help remove dead skin cells and clear pores so that your skin looks and feels bright and fresh. That being said, a lack of sleep and a poor diet can also cause dull skin. Getting adequate rest and maintaining a healthy diet helps boost skin health and appearance.

3. What is a fuss-free skincare routine I can adopt?

Begin with washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser and cool water. Remember to pat your face gently when drying, and apply a moisturiser with ingredients that will hydrate your skin and help address its concerns. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen (and reapply regularly) whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Also, refrain from picking or popping pimples because this leads to redness and scarring.

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4. I squeeze my blackheads to remove them but why do they keep coming back?

Squeezing blackheads (which are cellular debris) to remove them only does one thing successfully – damage your skin. Again, using products with clarifying ingredients such as tretinoin helps to unclog pores and keep your complexion clear.

5. I’m in my 30s. Is it too soon to use anti-ageing products?

Some signs of ageing include the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging and thinning of the skin, increased roughness and dryness, as well as increased sensitivity. Your skin starts to age in your 20s and experts say this is the right time to consider  using anti-ageing products as prevention is better than cure. Consider using anti-ageing products before the signs show is an effective way to retain the radiant and youthful glow.

6. Can I use women’s skincare products or do men’s skin need men’s products?

Men’s skin definitely needs men’s products. Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s and has higher collagen levels too. This makes it more prone to breakouts, but also more capable of withstanding male skincare products which are heavier because they’re manufactured to address men’s skin textures and concerns.

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7. What’s wrong with using toothpaste to treat acne?

Toothpaste contains ingredients that are beneficial to dental health, but they don’t fare well on facial skin. Applying toothpaste to acne may irritate and dry your skin. Overly dehydrated skin will then work to produce excess oil which can cause further breakouts.

8. Why does my skin get so oily even though I wash my face multiple times a day?

Washing your face excessively is counterintuitive because it forces your skin to produce sebum in overdrive. Over-washing causes over-drying resulting in oily skin.

Washing your face twice a day, and using a serum or moisturiser containing niacinamide can help reduce oil production in the skin as well as strengthen your skin barrier.

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9. Why can’t I use body or bar soap to wash my face?

Human skin is acidic, with pH levels between 4 and 6.5. Soaps, on the other hand, have pH levels of 7 and up, making them highly alkaline and drying to your skin because they strip the natural oils from your face. This can also cause redness and inflammation. Always opt for a gentle cleanser to wash your face.


Getting clear and healthy skin requires some work, but diligent use of skincare products containing ingredients that will heal, protect, feed, and nourish your skin can help speed this along.

Speak to our team of medical experts to create a skincare routine that works for you.

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